I've recently heard the opinion that every man wishes to "leave a permanent mark" of his or her existence on earth, be it by building a house, planting a tree, or by having people build a statue to your honour (post mortem of course). Last but not least, you can always have a grave or tomb where people may go to mourn the ones they miss.

Yours truly, on the other hand, would not wish to leave anything back when the moment to bite the dust will come (be it from natural causes or not). I would like my body to be cremated and have the ashes blown away (something along the lines of the Big Lebowski). I wouldn't like to have a place where pople could go to and be depressed. I do not wish to be indentified with the rest of humanity as I do not agree with what they do. Secondly, I am scared shitless of being buried alive. I really am. So should anyone read this after I am on the other side please see to it that my last wish is fulfilled. Node for the Ages. Cheers.