It's my favourite time of the year right now - when the Champion's League is in its final stage. What I mean is, the first two group stages are *yawn* very boring. Are they worth watching? Are they fuck! The best thing about this years season though, are two simple facts: 1. Bayern Munich didn't make it past the first group stage; 2. No Germans in the quarter-finals. Well, none of the Polish teams managed to qualify but that's a completely different issue;-)

This weeks results:
Real Madrid 3 : Manchester United 1 - the ever-so arrogant Ronaldo was as useless as ever

Ajax Amsterdam 0 : AC Milan 0 - a shame that Ajax couldn't get full 3 points at home.

Inter Milan 1 : Valencia 0 - didn't watch it, don't care

Juventus 1 : FC Barcelona 1 - Saviola saves the day for Barca.

Looking forward to the matches in two weeks. I think, if I recall correctly, that this is one of the strongest line-ups of CL quarterfinals in years.