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Facts seldom change what someone wants to believe.
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Actually it's 11:36 pm where I live right now but not only is it morning somewhere, I am also most agreeable in the early morning for some unknown and unfathomable reason. So let's pretend. I'm a saucy Pasta-Freak-- what more do you want? :P

I am also a saucy Pasta-Freak-Poet (go figure!) so if you're into poems and that sort of thing, check this out:

The Article That Brought Me To This Site And Made Me Join (May It Live In Infamy Forever):

I happen to be a freak about many other things, too. Take for example some of the following:

Jesus ~ The Lord of the Rings ~ C. S. Lewis ~ Obi-Wan Kenobi ~ Sean Bean ~ Don Cheadle ~ Keith Urban ~ The Message//Remix ~ Reading ~ Singing ~ Acting ~ Movies ~ Music ~ Australia ~ Ireland ~ Learning ~ Activism ~ Quotes ~ Greek Salads ~ Broom Skirts ~ Boots ~ Ewan McGregor ~ Josh Groban ~ Entertainment Weekly Magazine ~ ~ ~ eBay! ~ Bargain Finding



Help save the people of Darfur, Sudan, victims of the world's cruelest genocide since the Rwanda Crisis in 1994. Do your part to stop the brutal murder and mutilations and bring peace back to the people of Darfur. 300,000 lives have already been taken and an estimated 10,000 more are taken with each passing month.



Well, I reckon cough I've taken up enough of your time for the moment so I'll just be off then. :D Good day and God bless.

Sincerely Yours,