Smart kids still exist.

Riding on the local train tonight I sat facing a five-year-old child who was smart. And I mean it.
The following pieces of conversation with his mother made me laugh:
Mother:"We're going to see dad, and then you're going to Maria's place."
Child:"Maria is a girl."
Mother:"That's right. She is."
Child:"Even if it'd just be me and her, the human race wouldn't become extinct."

Child:"What does extinct mean, mom?"
Mother:"Well, you just said what it was."
Child:"Yeah, but what's it mean?"
Mother:"Well, it's when... when everyone dies."
Child:"Everyone of a particular species. Not everyone. It's hard for everything to die. All humans could die. Then we'd all be extinct."
Mother:"You said it."

Child:"Dad's getting old. I think you should help him."
Mother:"Old? He's not that old."
Child:"I think he's old. He's older than you, than me."
Mother:"If you think he's old, you can always help him with something."
Child:"You're the mom. I think you should help!"

Just makes me glad to see things like that. That smart kids still exist.