Physical Location: Lovely red rocks, sunshine, warm weather, great hiking, some rock climbing, a creek (swim below Slide Rock at your own risk), and a lot of national forest. Population: There are three types of people here..
  • Locals: locals have been around for many years, own businesses (real ones, like restaurants and ISP's), have kids, take part in local govt, and own homes.
  • Transients: Most of the hippies named above. Also crystal-crunchers, new-agers. They come to town for the 'power' and 'psychic auras' of the rocks, stay for a while, and eventually drift away. Some become locals, but not most. Some of our favorites are the man who looks like Jesus , the woman who screams obscenities and the man in the skirt who lives in the library.
  • Tourists: Anyone who has ever lived in the middle of a tourist attraction knows how much fun these are. They are unable to drive, can't read signs, have no concept of what a crosswalk is, don't think any local could be human or should be treated with respect, and know, with no question, that they are the most important person within a 15 mile radius.
Thoughts: Well, it's not a perfect place, and I can't imagine why someone would come here for a hard earned vacation other then to see friends, however it's not all that bad. It has it's charms, and it's advantages. OOh, and we *do* have our very own local cult! Aw, heck, it's home to me.
If anyone comes to Sedona, and is REALLY bored, e-mail me, and I'll see what I can do :) The above no longer applies.. However, e-mail me and I can give you advice.