I do not like snakes, most especially the one I found in my house last night on my way to bed. Well, found if the definition of found is "Almost stepped on". Being in the desert, of course it had to be a rattlesnake(noisy sucker). If it hadn't been.. well, I don't want to think about that, I'm still really jumpy. And, of course, my first instinct was to go online and a) ask friends how THEY get rid of these things and b) look for webpages on the subject.. however, knowing the snake was within a few feet made me stop and get out of there.
So. Yeah. Didn't sleep there last night. And was really shaky for a while, and made the mistake of waking up a friend (I'm really sorry!) to try to calm down. I finally fell asleep around 4, then had to get up and come to work. Ugh. However... there was a funny point this morning..
My best friend, in her pajamas, walking around my house, banging on things with a roll of wrapping paper, singing "Here snakey snakey.. " hehe. Almost (but not really) worth it. Too bad I didn't have a camera. Now, to get some work done... Oh, and if anyone has rattlesnake elimination advice.. I'd love to hear it.