I was in a city called Jamestown but it bore little resemblance to the real thing. I was living in an apartment above where Mattias is/was (I think the ice arena is there now), down on Third Street. Venturing outside and back westward to get something, perhaps purchase something at a convenience store. I noticed I was wearing my backpack as if I was still in college. Heavy traffic flowed along the roadways, but the timing of the lights conspired to let me walk unimpeded across the streets.

Whatever I needed, I had, because I was leaving the store, realizing that I was no longer in quite the same city as a moment before. Now heavy construction was going on, and two of the lanes were blocked, with cars flowing through on an iron gridwork like the infamous Pennsylvania bridges, although this gridwork in particular was just lying on the dirt. Somehow, I had to get through this, upstream on foot.

I spotted an opening and glided through on one toe-point, exactly like Magus dashes in Chrono Trigger, except I lacked the cool cape. As I reached the next intersection and the dream faded, I realized the traffic lights were absolutely huge, around two stories tall, and emitting extremely saturated light.