(I find this disclaimer amusing, so this node is closed-captioned for the metaphorically impaired.)

Idly wondering how to explain the relationship of the physical world to the spiritual, I have realized: We are Divine computers.

The physical world is only the parts which can be kicked, which behaves according to fixed rules and is generally most easily understood and predictable. The random factor comes from spirit—its decisions, interactions, and general instability. Yet it is also the subconscious habits and motivations. Both the conscious and subconscious can be altered, but with more difficulty for the latter.

Even though the space it occupies is multi-dimensional, the physical realm only responds to a small part of the activity happening there, and those responses are all the spirit has to work with during life. Psychic powers can arise from non-standard additions, though I don't know how or why that would be granted.

Of course, the analogy breaks down when discussing afterlife, unless legions of zombie xterms long closed are haunting my apartment....