Whoever said you can’t compare apples and oranges is an idiot.

They are both fruit.
You eat them.
They are similar enough to compare.

Orange- The orange has a thick peel that must be taken off before being eaten. However, the peel is relatively easy to peel off with ones fingers.

Apple- The apple has very thin peel that can be eaten with relative ease. However, removing the peel is difficult without some sort of blade.

Both- The ease with which one can eat an apple is very convenient, however, the thick skin of the orange provides a certain sense of security. The skin is thick and is removed. Any germs the orange touched are not ingested. However, the peel leaves a pile of trash. But on a positive note, it does not bruise.

Orange- It has no core.

Apple- At the end of eating an apple one is left with the core. Though the core can be eaten, as a rule it is not.

Both- Finishing the main body of the orange is much more convenient due to lack of leftovers. The core of an apple is trash and is not equitable to the peel of an orange due to squishiness and moisture. The seeds of an apple are centered here, in contrast to the orange, which has seeds in every piece,

Orange- The orange is arranged in very convenient bite sized pieces.

Apple- The apple is one whole. It must be sliced is one desires bite sized pieces.

Both- The orange is better if one has the time. However, because of the structure and juice of the orange, one cannot bite directly into it. The more solid structure of the apple also makes it useful as a gag. The apple can also be carved into interesting shapes.

Both fruits have good and bad qualities. The results of a comparison are inconclusive and must be settled on an individual basis based on tasted. Perhaps this is why it is said one cannot compare them.

I have decided.

You can’t compare apples and oranges.