I was falling. But it was okay. My purpose was not to avoid injury.
It was to break her fall. The direction didn’t matter. I was falling in to her.
It was… passionate. It was fast. It was pretty damn sexy.
I didn’t know how far it would go. I only knew the now. The later would only matter as the now.

And then the still small voice.
I didn’t even have to hear what it had to say.
I moved my hands.
I grabbed hers.
And I forced a stop.

“… hey…”
"I’m sorry, I had a thought. How far are we going?”
“It doesn’t matter.”
“Yes it does.
“You know why.”
I pointed to the small cross that lay on my bare chest. A cold spot in our heat.
I pointed to a similar one that was hanging out of her shirt.
“It’s a promise.”
“…Are you picking him over me?”
is he really that important?”

“Let me ask you a question. I’ll let you know my choice after.”

Do you love me?

Will you save me?

Will you be with me forever?

Do you promise?



“I’ll think about it.”

And I fell into her again. I thought about the later. It doesn’t mean I cared. Maybe when it became the now.