After I got laid off at Liebert, I spent a month of nearly continual drinking and eventually landed a shithole of a job at the Spillman Company. Another machine operation job... his time making custom castings and forms for concrete (if concrete were play dough, I make the crappy plastic things to press it into shapes). I like the business but the 50-hour weeks and my asshole of a boss have been killing me. I have now had 3 nightmares involving the place at this point providing me with further evidence that it’s about time to leave...


The company had grown a bit in size... 30 or so more people, most of them office folks. Among them were Yossarian, Zot-fot-piq, Embers, and M. Doughty (yeah, the lead singer of Soul Coughing). The owner of the Company, Ted, had sold the company to some evil woman, but was still working there.

The dream took place at night where all the employees were outside unloading from a trade show… the mood was pretty poor because I guess the show had gone badly. Some of the office folks went into a meeting and the manufacturers went back to work. A little while later Embers approached me and told me that the owner was pissed and had three employees killed. I was pretty upset and went to tell Bart. So I started explaining to Bart that "Matt, M. Doughty (which I’m sure is what I would call him if I worked with him), and"... I paused... I had forgotten the third person, so I looked over Bart's shoulder to Embers and she said "Mike." I looked back at Bart and continued "and Mike have been killed" (I have no idea who Mike is supposed to be, but apparently he wasn’t important enough to remember). Zot started crying, and in his distress stormed into the building. I just went back to work.

A while later Ned, the shop superintendent, came out into the shop exhausted and said something to me, I can’t remember what, but with what he said I knew he was exhausted because he had just ditched Bart’s corpse.

The dream sped up a bit at this point where I would catch glimpses of more people being killed. Some people were incinerated when a welder exploded... somebody was shot walking out to their car... when the dream slowed again there were only 7 or 8 people left. We were all working in the same area at this point and I remember thinking, were the rest of the people still living just dumb… did they know what was going on. I then started thinking about my situation. There was an eleven foot high fence around the shop with barbed wire at the top (they really to have that) and I didn’t know if the gate was open or not, so if I tried to make a bolt for it, there was a good chance I wouldn’t make it. My other option was to stay, and try to be an obedient employee and maybe they would let me live.

I looked to the bay door where throughout the entire course of the dream, my asshole boss, and an intern we recently picked up we smoking the same cigarette and staring off silently into the distance wearing matching flannel jackets. I walked over to them and while I thought everyone was thinking I just had a question a made a run for the gate. It was open but Ned, the guy who killed Bart, was guarding the opening. He held his hands up and said "just come on, Matt" which I interpreted as " take your death with some dignity." I turned around to see Ted, the owner of the company run out the bay door with a rifle and fire two shots, which missed horribly. I then managed to get past Ned and run out the fence as he chased me. I started jumping over fences and running through suburban yards, but on the third fence my pant leg got caught and I fell on my face. At that second I kicked my bedpost and woke up.