A productive day with Habitat, but not a very good one. About 9 months ago, before I started volunteering, two houses were built beside each other in Urbancrest, south of Columbus. No one could move in to them though because, despite the city plans showed them reaching, the sewers stopped about forty feet short. It was going to cost 40,000 to extend them. Through enough argument and time we finally had them built for 12,000.

In the nine months the two homes were not occupied by humans, some ducks decided it was theirs. From the looks of the place they had a pretty wild time. It wasn't until after the sewers were dug that the vandals and thieves had their way with them. Either way we got a four page punch-out list, a list of fixes that need to be made, per house to fulfill before families move in. Many of the fixes were just things that the initial builders did poorly or wrong... very frustrating. We hardly knew where to begin... well, after cleaning up after the ducks that is.