Why are there so many entries from the last 100 years? Were the people of this century so much more interesting or influential? Or are they merely better documented? Perhaps better remembered because so many of us alive now can remember them. I personally doubt the Beatles will be much noted 100 years from now. J. S. Bach is fondly remebered today though he last drew breath over 300 years ago. Even a span of only 25 years blinds some of us to the accomplishments of a great American President like Truman overshadowing him with the less lustrous legacy of Reagan. Lists like these are always skewed. The more recent is considered to be of more import than it really is. Which of our 20th century people would be included on a list of the Second Millenium's most important people if it was compiled in 100 years? Or in the year 2200? Forget the Elvises, Walt Disneys, and Pablo Picassos. I think their contributions are ephemeral. Who will be left? Watson and Crick, Marconi, perhaps Henry Ford. Being a child of my time and place, I can not say who will be there. But I can doubt.