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  • There's a direct link in the header to my homenode and to my Drafts. It would be good if there was also a link to a list of my writeups.
  • It would be nice if I could delete my own nodeshells.
  • The Other Users nodelet is a somewhat incongruous place to put chatterbox room options. Perhaps, um, the chatterbox nodelet?
  • Speaking of which: "Your fellow users (4): sam512 Clockmaker Old_New". Want to try that again?
  • Some way to navigate from a user's writeup to that user's next or previous writeup?
  • In Chatterlight, the link back to the homepage should read "Everything2", not "The front door" (??) and it should be the first link, at the top left, not, as it currently is, the third or fourth (??).
  • We need a way to directly contact the Content Editors as a usergroup. Likewise chanops and gods. No, waiting for one of them to come online and contacting them directly isn't good enough.
  • For the love of God, why aren't my sent messages saved anywhere? Message Outbox
  • I'm boycotting the Drafts system entirely until there's an autosave feature. I have lost too much work to unexpected downtime.
  • In my nodelets is a message saying "you have 8834(1014) messages". How do I turn this off?
  • I should be able to edit my poll before it opens up to the public.
  • Do not ask for users' real names at registration time, even if it's optional.