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  • There's a direct link in the header to [sam512|my homenode] and to my [Drafts]. It would be good if there was also a link to a list of my writeups.
  • It would be nice if I could delete my own nodeshells.
  • The [Other Users] nodelet is a somewhat incongruous place to put chatterbox room options. Perhaps, um, the chatterbox nodelet?
  • Speaking of which: "Your fellow users (4): sam512 Clockmaker Old_New". Want to try that again?
  • Some way to navigate from a user's writeup to that user's next or previous writeup?
  • In [Chatterlight], the link back to the homepage should read "[Welcome to Everything|Everything2]", not "The front door" (??) and it should be the first link, at the top left, not, as it currently is, the third or fourth (??).
  • We need a way to directly contact the [Content Editors] as a usergroup. Likewise [chanops] and [gods]. No, waiting for one of them to come online and contacting them directly isn't good enough.
  • For the love of God, why aren't my sent messages saved anywhere? [Message Outbox]
  • I'm boycotting the Drafts system entirely until there's an autosave feature. I have lost too much work to unexpected downtime.
  • In my nodelets is a message saying "you have 8834(1014) messages". How do I turn this off?
  • I should be able to edit my poll before it opens up to the public.
  • Do not ask for users' real names at [Sign up|registration] time, even if it's optional.