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Saifaikuesuto: 00:00:00 [January 1, 2009] to 14:52:32 [February 1, 2009]

So it's 1999 and there's this [COBOL] programmer who's worried about the [Millennium Bug]. Not only is he expected to fix it, but if he doesn't fix it, he gets the blame for all the COBOL that goes wrong. So he decides to [cryogenics|cryogenically freeze himself] for ten years - by which time there will hopefully be no COBOL at all!

Eventually he gets woken up. "This is the year 2009?" he asks. "No," say the bald, toga-wearing super-advanced super-human super-scientists who woke him. "There was a programming fault in your cryogenic chamber and it never unfroze you."

"So what year is it?"

"Well, it's actually the year 9999. You've been asleep for eight thousand years."

"But why did you wake me up now?"

"Well, we're worried about the Decamillennium Bug, and it says on your resume that you know COBOL?"

New! Unauthorised! Unlicenced! Entirely without the support of the Everything2 administration!

The big digit rollover should have been a clue. We are now living in the future - or at most five minutes behind it. It has never been easier to write science fiction. ["Hey wouldn't it be cool if we could do this" rule|Just come up with a cool "WHAT IF?!" and run with it.] You have no excuse. Pull out your pen and start typing.


* For this quest we are accepting science fiction nodes, but also nodes about science fiction. For easy marks, write up a classic episode of Star Trek.


Since this quest is currently completely [off the books], unauthorised and officially not happening, there will be no rewards besides my benevolent countenance. Nodes I deem worthy will receive upvotes. Particularly shining examples, [Ching!]s. But God help the downvoted. Oh my. It would be better for those nodes if they had never been written.

This quest is now sponsored by [mauler]. Right now there are 30 submissions. That means each participant will receive 30 GP. Want more? Write more! The more everybody nodes, the more everybody gets! Recruit other people!


These are listed in reverse order, so the most recent nodes receive the most attention:

  • [The Maltese Shipping Order] by [rootbeer277]
  • [this was supposed to be a parable about the power of the imagination] by [sam512]
  • [Peanut butter and Jane] by [jessicaj]
  • [For Us, The Living] by [TedBronson] (nonfiction)
  • [State Override] by [The Custodian]
  • [Cocoa for one] by [jessicaj]
  • [Crunchy granola Jane] by [jessicaj]
  • [pickup line] by [SigmaVirus]
  • [You're not alone] by [sangsoo]
  • [in which lead gliders freeze against the sun for 0981 seconds of Earth-shattering beauty] by [Ariloulaleelay]
  • [Found in Space] by [Jibbley]
  • [Greek peppers] by [jessicaj]
  • [The Crowning Ceremony] by [Eniteris]
  • [Grand Theft Mass] by [sauth]
  • [Good grapes grow in Chianti] by [jessicaj]
  • [Causal Noose] by [sam512]
  • [Hope's Dimension] by [Fargus]
  • [partner mining] by [noost]
  • [Carelessness] by [resiak]
  • [For the Sake of Science] by [Eniteris]
  • [super mutant morph ranger alien killer commando ninja death troopers] by [rep_movsd]
  • [Mind Probe] by [William42]
  • [The King, Multidimensional] by [Jet-Poop]
  • [Leftover Trouble] by [Singing Raven]
  • [Podkayne of Mars] by [Tem42] (nonfiction)
  • [The ultimate sacrifice] by [rep_movsd]
  • [Desiderata of Time and Elevation] by [The Custodian]
  • [The day I woke up Faster Than Light] by [Rapscallion]
  • ['Verse Chorus] by [sam512]
  • [I might have, once.] by [raincomplex]