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[Three Laws of Robotics|"Please define 'harm', 'obey', 'protect', 'existence' and 'human being'."]

Enough, [e2scifi|we] say! There's a month for fear, why can't other months be for other things? The sky is falling! The Sun's turned blue! We just broke the [light barrier], the [time barrier], we're found a [parallel Earth], a universe where galaxies sing, an impossibly [distant future] where humans have become [pure energy], whatever the heck that means! [Wormholes and quasars and quarks, oh my!|Wormholes and quasars and quarks, oh my.]

Anything is possible in the next thirty days.

Tell us your stories.

November is [Science Fiction] Quest-O-Month.

Beginning [November 1, 2006] at 00:00:00 UTC
Ending [December 1, 2006] at 00:00:00 UTC


This is a quest for two things: science fiction, and science fiction factuals - that is to say, [factual writeup]s about existing science fiction. (Sorry, science factuals don't count!) Any kind of science fiction is welcome, from the hardest of [hard sci-fi] to largely [pulp]y rayguns-and-hyperdrives fare. We're open-minded.

As for [It's the Season for Graves Cracking: The 2006 Quest for Fear|the most recent Quest], there will be [XP] rewards, and there is no limit on number of submissions. At the end of the Quest-O-Month, you will receive:

  • 100 experience points for each writeup submitted.
  • 1 additional experience point for each point of reputation gained.
  • 10 additional experience points for each [Ching!] gained.

And yes, we will go negative on that second point if your writeups get negative rep. Oh, don't give us that [puppy-dog eyes|puppy-dog look].

And when it's all over, the author of the factual writeup with the highest reputation and the author of the fiction writeup with the highest reputation will each receive, in addition:

  • A seat on the last rocket off Earth.
  • 500 experience points.
  • [Homenode] image privileges for six months.

And if you've already got a homenode image? That must be nice.

Each time you submit an entry, send a message to [sam512] with its title and it will be added to this writeup. Direct any questions to [sam512], [kthejoker], or to the [e2scifi] usergroup. Operators are standing by.

The story so far

The most recent writeups are added at the top, so as to receive the most love.

  • [ColonelFubster]
    • [The end of the Energy Age]
  • [allispaul]
    • [The race calling itself 'human' fails]
  • [anamnesis]
    • [The Old Woman Whose Rolling Pin Is The Sun] (factual)
    • ["Genre" is poisoning imaginative literature] (factual)
  • [artman2003]
    • [Live with Chive]
    • [I hate this god damn robot]
  • [archiewood]
    • [unidentified objects #003 & #024]
  • [DonJaime]
    • [Close to nature]
  • [Jet-Poop]
    • [The Trouble with Tribbles] (factual)
  • [IWhoSawTheFace]
    • [Psychic Barrier]
  • [William42]
    • [Psychic Barrier]
    • [I was a helpless agent of causality]
    • [Crescent Error]
  • [kalen]
    • [November 14, 2106]
  • [shaogo]
    • [The Jetsons] (factual)
  • [The Custodian]
    • [Feeling Gravity's Pull]
    • [Matthew Looney] (factual)
    • [Terran Trade Authority] (factual)
    • [Universal destructor]
    • [Site survey]
    • [Double Exposure]
    • [Cain Enable]
    • [The Custodian|The Angel Cycle], already in progress:
      • [mass transit]
      • [It's cold at the intersection, and all you feel is the wind]
      • [Storytelling in the dark beneath the burning patrol of Angels]
      • [Guardian of the Angel]
  • [GentlemanJim]
    • [Havoc] (factual)
    • [The Angel rode a Panhead]
    • [Lunar Jim] (factual)
    • [UNIT] (factual)
    • [The Difference Engine] (factual)
  • [Timeshredder]
    • [The Legion of Time] (factual)
  • [agent_tuesday]
    • [There is despair, Mr. President, in faces you don't see, in the places you don't visit in your shining city]
  • [animals]
    • [We are trapped in the belly of this horrible machine, and the machine is bleeding to death]
  • [Darkmaelstrom]
    • [Mindquake]
  • [sam512]
    • [Gorge]
  • [geek usa]
    • [The Influence of Space Power on History]
  • [henry flower]
    • [The Lonely Gardener]
  • [oakling]
    • [The Five Dollar Soul]
  • [kthejoker]
    • [fixation]
  • [aionaever]
    • [We're not coming home. I love you.]
  • [joes3029]
    • [Landscape with the Fall of Icarus] (also submitted for [It's the Season for Graves Cracking: The 2006 Quest for Fear|FearQuest 2006])

Appropriately, there were [forty-two] writeups submitted in total.


Factual competition

The factual entry with the highest writeup at the end of the competition was [The Trouble with Tribbles] by [Jet-Poop]. Magnanimously, however, JP has said that he doesn't need the XP and turned his prize over to [anamnesis], whose commentary ["Genre" is poisoning imaginative literature] narrowly scooped second place. [shaogo]'s writeup, [the Jetsons], was tied for second on XP, but had fewer C!s.

Fiction competition

Much wider, fiercer competition here, but there was an undisputed winner: [aionaever] takes the gold with [We're not coming home. I love you.]

Honorable mentions

Of the writeups-which-didn't-win, [Unidentified objects #003 & #024] by [archiewood], [We are trapped in the belly of this horrible machine, and the machine is bleeding to death] by [animals] and [Double Exposure] by [The Custodian] jointly gained the most C!s with five apiece.

Special additional acclaim for [The Custodian], for crafting a staggering eleven science fiction writeups in just 30 days.

Extra special applause for everybody who entered, as none, that's right, none of the writeups entered finished with a negative reputation. (One entry did finish on 0 though. You know who you are.)


Great stuff, folks! We had a great turnout. Plenty of experienced scifi writers writing, plenty of regulars trying their hand at new stuff, and most importantly, plenty of newcomers willing to get their toes wet.

I think it's highly unlikely that we'll never have another science fiction quest, although I think maybe the XP rewards should be lowered next time, to keep you folks hungry. Speaking of which, we'll get those prizes worked out ASAP. See you next year!...[SciFiQuest 3007|?]

[LateQuest 2007]

Pfeh. Cheap XP.

  • [That which is] by [bbot]