The aim of The Meal Game is to construct the largest inedible meal possible. The best time to play this is in restaurants in the time between ordering your food and the food arriving. You take it in turns to name an ingredient to a meal. Each new ingredient cannot go with any of the previous ones.

The best way to explain this would be to describe a typical game. For example, somebody would say


Now player two can think of any foodstuff he likes, as long as you'd never eat it with tomatoes. He can't have cheese - what do you think pizzas are? Can't go with any kind of salad vegetable either, so let's go for...

"Hot chocolate."

Player three now has to think of a kind of food which doesn't go with tomatoes OR hot chocolate. Tricky. But can you do it?


w00t. Now, something that doesn't go with oysters OR hot chocolate OR tomatoes? (If you really want to, you can get a pen and paper to try and remember all these, but usually memory will suffice.)

"Whipped cream?"

Nice try, player four, but whipped cream goes quite nicely with hot chocolate. Game Over, you lose. But not to worry, you can carry on regardless: the idea of this game is not to win or lose, but just to start arguments over what you can and can't eat. The largest undisputed meal I ever came up with was about eight ingredients and began something like: "Bread, mashed potatoes, tomatoes, vinegar, figs, dark chocolate..." I forget the rest. Feel free to /msg me with suggestions.

Hardcore version:

Played exactly as before, except in a real kitchen and with real food. The loser is required to eat the resulting meal.