Are you speeding along a post-apocalyptic highway in a jeep, spraying gunfire at ferocious mutants and the increasingly antagonistic Australasian military, dodging mines and leaping gorges?

Are you locked in mortal combat with a gigantic salivating red and black sentient cockroach whose diabolical, aeons-old plans call for the invasion and subjugation of nothing less than our entire home universe?

Are you flying a pathetically tiny experimental scout ship with no significant shields or weaponry in a bitter, no-holds-barred shooting match with the massed forces and seemingly limitless rocket emplacements of the feared Warmageddon device, as it plunges past the Lunar Defence Halo, hell-bent on triggering a new Big Bang at ground zero, London, Earth?

Machinae Supremacy provide an appropriate soundtrack to all these activities.

MS's music is loud, pacy, enthusiastic, crowded, partially synthesised rock - "SID metal", in their words. It soars and stuns and explodes. Sure, there is the occasional lacklustre melody and their vocalist is too gravelly, but half of their work is instrumental and most of it is freely available to download online, so who cares when the standard is this good?

This is videogame music. This is music inspired by videogames and videogame music, created by videogame lovers using videogame-based technology, for other videogamers to listen to whilst videogaming. Some of it is covers of the theme tunes from The Great Gianna Sisters or Metroid or F-Zero, some of it is wholly original content. But all of it rocks and is noisy and great.

Machinae Supremacy is music to save the world by.