Comprehensive list here, but here are a few that I think were forgotten, both from Tomorrow Never Dies.

In the opening sequence Bond also uses a gold cigarette lighter which he later primes and throws as a grenade at some explosive barrels.

Bond's wristwatch features a small, postage stamp-sized remote-activated explosive. It is powerful enough to smash the glass jar it was attached to, and inside the jar, of course, was a primed grenade which subsequently exploded. All three (stamp, jar, grenade) were, of course, sitting next to more explosive barrels. The remote control was part of the watch.

Bond's gadgets are not of course limited to the movies. I'm no Bond buff, but in The Man With The Red Tattoo by Raymond Benson, he and some other 00 agents are provided with a selection of newer gadgets to play around with - which, as per usual, Bond ends up using once each during his adventure.

First off is a cigar filled with plastic explosive, the tip of which can be used as a timer and detonator. He also receives a mobile phone with a homing device in it, and a functional Palm Pilot with a self-destruct mechanism and a electromagnetic pulse capability - capable of knocking out electronics such as locks. Lastly a blister pack of three different colours of antacids. Red ones contain a tiny amount of concentrated explosives capable of knocking a door off its hinges; pink ones are smoke bombs; and white ones are, in something of a departure for Q department, real antacid tablets. Other devices Bond uses during the book include a small plastic dagger hidden in his shoe, a lockpick in his heel, and a pair of miniature knives in his shirt collar.