When I am king, Linear Mathematics will be the first against the wall.

I've seen a lot of maths problems in my time, and I'm quite used to not being able to do some of them. It happens all the time, I mean, I've looked at all the hard equations that are famously unsolvable, I've tried (and failed) to prove FLT - who hasn't? - and I've been to IMO training and back, so I'm no stranger to failure. But usually failure in a situation where it's okay to fail. Where the problems are either a) MEANT to be insanely hard or b) from a region of maths I've never studied and therefore don't understand, which makes it okay to fail.

The thing about my current Linear Mathematics question sheet that makes me very, very angry indeed, is that technically I'm supposed to be able to do the questions. Or at least, some of them. Or, I don't know, one or two. Is one so much to ask? Out of 13 questions I've done three and a half. One of these was copied out of my notes (that's what it says to do in the question). I'd be lying if I said I understood half of what I wrote. At least one of the others is DEFINITELY wrong. The remaining one and a half are probably also wrong. One of the questions I've been totally unable to solve has a minus sign next to it, indicating that it is supposed to be relatively easy, which only makes me feel more angry.

I'm fairly sure I'm not entirely at fault here. My lecturer writes things which as far as I know could be complete garbage, at a ludicrously high speed and with very little explanation. He also writes in all four directions, going backwards and forwards across blackboards, editing previous writings, making his work confusing to follow. There is no structure to his lectures; he'll write three boards of material without explaining what he intends to prove by it. He rarely gives worked examples. My notes - copied symbol for symbol, it's the only way to do it - are as incomprehensible to me as the lecture was, however much I study them.

I haven't a clue what the rules are in linear maths. I know the rules to algebra; I know the rules to calculus; I know what you're allowed to do in number theory and geometry, but linear maths deals with insane, utterly abstract concepts like minimal polynomials, vector spaces and endomorphisms. Every question I look at, I don't know how to even begin to approach. I can just about write the question out.

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