My sister and I wrote this poem while we were stuck on the Midlands Main Line. We were traveling from London to Derby. The train had been stationary for at least an hour because of a track failure. Worn down, our feverd minds composed this poem:

Ode to railtrack

Railtrack - where do you go?
I'm gonna follow you coz I wanna know

Over the hills and down the dales
Over all obstacles on your mighty rails

Haunted by journeys of long long ago
Your steel lines echo as they shudder and throw

From Scotland to England, from England to France
Your signalling system leaves nothing to chance

Over and under and into and round
Theres no faster way of covering ground

For freight and for passengers and postage too
All borne aloft by your silvery hue

Railtrack - where do you stop?
I hope its near Thurrock coz I wanna shop

Cattle are lowing and sheep do bleat
When I reach Essex my journey's complete.