Before Michael Portollo, Kenneth Clarke and Ian Duncan-Smith announced that they would battle for leadership, Anne Widicombe put her own name forwards. Perhaps the most abusrd choice so far to be a party leader – Anne is passionately right wing as well as being a bible believing Christian. I couldn’t imagine anybody less in touch with British attitudes.

It worries me to think that the UK could be without an effective opposition party for quite some time. Of the remaining candidates, Kenneth Clarke appears to be the strongest but currently lacks the support required to unite his party and become a credible opposition.

Even democratically elected governments can get too big for their boots – especially when encouraged by a strong majority. One hope is that the Liberal Democrats will be able to step into the vacuum left by the dwindling – it is possible that we may have a new opposition party. Although very little is know about the Lib-Dems or their policy, their appeal is steadily growing especially in Middle-England.