In the morning, 8.30 local time

Something sad happened to me on my way to work. This young girl came to stand next to me on the bus. She was maybe 8 or 9 years old. Suddenly she picked up her mobile phone and called someone, probably either of her parents. Discussion went on: "Will you pick me up after school?" "I'm scared to be at school, will you pick me up after school", "So you will pick me up after school, so I don't take the bus". I usually don't eavesdrop, but she was standing right next to me in a bus full of people. Not listening wasn't an option. But just think about this "I'm scared to be at school", and I heard from her voice that she really was scared about something. I feel so sad now.

In the evening, 18.00 local time

Had a busy day at work, i feel really tired now. I think I'll get really early to bed today. Although I have some little things I should do; Part of my friends songs I promised to master to cdr, are still to be done. And I have some interesting books that I should read (couple of java books, for example). I think I'll choose those books for today. I've stared monitor long enough.