In The Evening

Well, I was thinking that I'm not going to do a Day Log today but now, while listening to Orbital's "brown album", or "Orbital 2", as it is also known, everything seems crystal clear.

I've browsed the E2 for whole day, (just call me addicted) again - I think I should have been reading some books... but what the heck, I'm on holiday and I should not think about my work at all.

I discussed with some of my friends that maybe we should go out today, but it turned out that we couldn't agree what to do. I was willing to go out for coffee or something, and one of the guys wanted to get really drunk, which doesn't work for me, as I have to go see my grandparents tomorrow, and wake up quite early. So having a hangover would not be nice. And one of the guys was on countryside, so we would have to had him picked up by car. He would have had sauna there though, which would have been fine, but wasn't ok for one guy...

I'm currently sitting on my newer pc, just because it runs Linux, and I can see websites with flash-content. That poor FreeBSD netscape can't do flash properly, or actually that flash-plugin is really crap. And I have a nice 19" screen here, compared to FreeBSD-box's 17". No wait. Nobody wants to know that. Ooh, crap.

Merry Christmas Everyone!

I was thinking I'm having a good day today, but seems like it's bad one.