At work, in the morning

Last day at work before holidays. And what am I doing? Browsing the E2, of course. There's nobody else around right now, so who cares - and there's currently any work to be done.

Anyway, i slept a bit longer than usual this morning as I was reading E2 quite late last night.. (I added Robert Hood, Drama and Drexciya:) and I knew that today wouldn't be important day at work. We just get here, do something for few hours and the go home, to prepare the Christmas that's knocking on the door.

Couple of hours later

I have browsed E2 for two hours, as I have nothing better to do right now. I am still amazed by the sheer amount stuff in this place. It doesn't matter how much time I spend wandering around here, I seem to find something that I have not yet seen.

Sometime in the afternoon

Finally at home. On the way home, i visited bookstore, fully loaded with people in Christmas frenzy - but i managed to find myself something to read. All five parts of Douglas Adams' Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy in one book. Great! I have read three first parts, and now I get to read parts 4 and 5. I'm gonna like this Christmas for sure!

16.38 Local time

I'm looking for a good place to start reading the book I bought earlier. That means i'm offline for few hours. I think my bed looks quite good place for reading now..

In the evening

I didn't remember how funny the book was. Well, there's plenty of pages left for me to enjoy. My reading was interrupted as I was asked to help in cleaning the house; but I managed to read some 50 pages anyway.