Motosuwa Hideki is the main character of CLAMP's Chobits. Hideki is a slightly perverted very poor student. He is your typical guy; he eats takeout and microwave ramen and is studying very hard to get into a good college. He works at a bar as a part-time job in order to earn more money.

One night, on his way home from this job, he stopped by a store to see how much persocons (special androids that also act as companions) cost. His friend Shinbo had a small persocon, and Hideki was curious about them. After seeing how expensive they were, he gave up. Outside the Persocon store, in the trash, he found a Persocon. He figured since noone else wanted it, he should take it home.

Hideki searched and searched for the Persocon's 'On' switch, and finally, after 4 hours (!), he found it (between her legs, yike!). The Persocon activated, and he found that it was only able to say 'Chii'. The next day, his friend Shinbo came over and checked out the Persocon. They discovered that this Persocon had no OS or Memory, which was very abnormal in Persocons.

After doing more research, it was suspected that this Persocon, who he dubbed 'Chii'(since it was the only thing she could say), was one of the Rare Persocons, a Chobits. Since he couldn't do programming, he had to teach Chii through example, and since he is a guy, after all, and a perverted one at that, some very amusing situations occured. Throw in Hideki's crush on his landlord, and we have one interesting formula for a kooky love story only CLAMP could create.