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"Between the stimulus and the response you have the space to decide
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After falling into a hole at three years old and gettin my head bannged on a big rock I forgot everthing I learned up till then. I'm still forgetting things and I feel like say I really don't give a s$^^t in h%#$ at times. Later I was knocked senless by a neighbour of whom I do not remember due to the Knock out he gave in his basement when I refused to fullfill his urge for him. I forgot most of the incident.

By then I was well on the way to having some form of tramatic brain injury-od which I only dicscovered 35 or so years later.

Its a wonder how people go through life wondering what the problem is without knowing that its ones own perception which was whacked out of their own sense all the while trying to belive life-at least around home was nornal-yet didn't seem to work out there in the "real world" for them.

But how would you know when it was lived as a style of life and most people who were fortunate enough to have all ther senses in place saw you as "strange" without ever knowing the cause of such "strange behaviour".

Cruel isnt it, if any of you know what I mean I say that the under "dog" will come out on top if it is realized that you have that choice between the stimulus and response to decide what to do to quote Victor Frankel in so many other words

You may have a chance to try a new way to think about some of those issues in your life where you might have felt powerless to act on.

at 55 years of age wanting to change years of habits-it's prety overwhelming to think of it as if it were one huge problem to have to deal with all at once. But I've decidse to make it a project of inch by inch and if I only get a foot from here in the next 20 year-if i'm not dead by then I will still have come to my senses after all these years;and to enjoy the process of acting on new choices to have fun doing what I dreemed of from days gone by and the hell with what anyone might think of it! I wish that I and my partner and good friend will live the remaining days of our lives playing the music and not die with it inside. My wish is that you too live to play and enjoy your music.

What do I value, have I any priciples to bulid on and act onthose values? > I'm frd up with others defining my life for me. It's my CHOICE. Yours to!