Anyone who says this clearly hasn't seen Withnail and I. At its best, swearing can be absolutely glorious, a release and a firm expression of something otherwise inexpressible with the same strength and often hilarious. When Withnail says, for example, 'You can stuff it up your arse for nothing, and fuck off while you're doing it!' (as quoted under Withnail and I) it is very, very funny.

Swearing, like everything else, is as effective as the person who's executing it. I know excellent swearers; I know hopeless swearers. Certainly it's true that these words must be used relatively sparingly to maintain their impact - a well place cunt can work wonders - but that doesn't mean that using them is automatically uncreative. Rather, it's uncreative to blindly chop out a very potent section of your vocabulary and refuse full stop to use it.

Of course, the silliest thing about all this is that if the people who are offended by swearing weren't offended the people who swear to offend them would stop... thus the best way to reduce profanity is by welcoming it with open arms.

(note how I managed to negotiate this entire node without once using a lame line like 'I fucking love swearing.' That really is uncreative.)