The BNP recently got a great deal of publicity (entirely out of proportion with the scale of their success) after winning two council seats in the British elections. What many people don't know about them is that alongside their more famous immigration policies they hold a number of other positions which are, in my humble opinion, just plain nuts. It may be worth pointing these out for posterity:

  • corporal punishment for petty criminals
  • withdrawal from EU and NATO!
  • excluding foreign imports - any economist will tell you that's suicide
  • cut fuel tax and 'say no pollution' - not sure how they intend to combine those two
  • no international aid to third world
  • end to ulster peace process
  • anti-mixed race relationships
  • ban on foreign ownership of british media
  • return to national service
  • ban on 'public promotion and shows of homosexuality'

They try to present themselves as reasonable people but the truth is, even when they get away from their racist agenda they are entirely lacking in coherent sensible policies. They are not only unelectable because they are bigoted: they are unelectable because they are stoopid.