The Nissan Skyline is one of the most famous sports cars in Japan, with a long history dating all the way back to the 1950s when it was manufactured by a small, independent automaker named in honor of Crown Prince Hirohita. Naturally, it is one of this noder's favorite automobiles of all time, and so I took it upon myself to node a history of the Nissan Skyline (what you're reading right now). For convenience's sake, I have split the history into seven digestable chapters, and also included some pertinent links for those who wish to learn more about my favorite car. Enjoy!

  1. Prince Skyline (1957-1968).
  2. Nissan Skyline C-series (1968-1981).
  3. Nissan Skyline R30 & R31 (1981-1991).
  4. Nissan Skyline R32 (1989-1994).
  5. Nissan Skyline R33 (1993-1999).
  6. Nissan Skyline R34 (1998-2002).
  7. Nissan Skyline V35 (2001-present).
And those related links I promised. Sources:, personal knowledge