Another character featured in Doodle MaCZ, based on the real-life actor and star of The Matrix. At first, he just makes small cameo appearances throughout Volume 2, but becomes a full-fledged antagonist by Volume 3, on page 8 ("If Only My Colon Could Talk..."). Reeves is accused by Octopus Guy of being the absolute worst the mass media has to offer, but is only a lackey of the malign Crack.

Keanu Reeves has awesome fighting prowess, aided by his consistent smoking of marijuana (which he calls "hacking into the Matrix" -- after which point he has hallucinations of Morpheus speaking Engrish and addressing him as Neo, telling him to "kill them all"), and consequently pummels the hapless Octopus Guy and Michael the Happy Puppy, preventing them from their ultimate goal of blowing up the TV station. It is assumed he is killed along with Go-Ri when Octopus Guy finally succeeds in his endeavour (Mathemagician survives, oddly enough). Reeves is one of the few characters who does not appear in any gaiden pages at all.

In real life, he is a sub-par actor who stars in a bunch of lousy movies. He is approximately equal to Tom Cruise.

Reeves quotes; aren't you lucky?

  • "Check out this Pikadoo, dude! Wo, it's, like, radical; I'm on, like, pot!"
  • "Reeves is confused!"
  • "What you say?"