The North American equivalent of the Nissan Cima, Infiniti's impressive M-series comes to a head with this extremely powerful, advanced sedan which can only be described as a muscle car -- a simple "sports car" or "luxury sedan" will not do.

The specifications for the M45 are staggering, when you consider its stately, low-profile looks. Powered by Nissan's VK45DE 4.5-liter DOHC V8 engine, the M45 churns out a whopping 340 horsepower and 333 ft.lbs. of torque -- just enough to teach those pesky Camaros a lesson on the quarter mile, doing 0-60 mph in a very cool 6.1 seconds. And with goodies like an on-board computer (complete with voice recognition system), Infiniti's global positioning system (optional), a Bose audio system with a 6-disc CD changer, sport-tuned suspension, variable valve timing, and a cruise control system which uses a digital, radar-like rangefinder to adjust the car's speed based on any objects ahead of you -- the M45 is definitely swank.

Rice boys and beamers beware -- the M45 is definitely not to be messed with. Of course, with the sort of luxury and sheer muscle to be found in the M45, you can expect the price tag to be slightly high -- $42,850 in this case. Probably not the most bang for your buck, but you'll definitely be riding high in this car.