Song of Zarathustra is a screamo/hardcore band from Sioux City, IA that formed in March of 1997.

The original line-up was composed of Trever McInnis, James Munsen, and Travis Bos. For several months, Song of Zarathustra used a Roland R-8 drum machine, until David Seaman (formerly of Orlock) moved from Richmond, VA and took on percussion.

The original Song of Zarathustra disbanded April of 1998 after several tours and recording a self-titled 7inch, a split 7inch with Spread the Disease and another with Johnny Angel.

James and Travis moved to Minneapolis, MN to assemble “The Book of Dead Names”. Trever moved to Oakland, CA and created the “Kill In Me”.

Song of Zarathustra reformed in the Spring of 2000, again using a drum machine. After several months, Mark Jorgensen took over on drums.

December of 2001, Song of Zarathustra had parted with original bassist James Munsen. Mark Shaw quickly replaced James and Tad Kubler was added as a second guitarist. This updated line-up recorded for their most recent LP, “A View of High Tides”.


Self-titled 7" +319 Recordings Released: January 1998

Spread the Disease/S.O.Z. split 7" Witching Hour Records Released: June 1998

Johnny Angel/S.O.Z. split 7" +319 Recordings Released: September 1998

Discography Vol. 1 10" picture disc Released on: The Blood of the Young Released: July 1999

The Birth of Tragedy CD/LP Troubleman Unlimited Europe press of LP released on: The Company with the Golden Arm U.S. press of LP released on: The Blood of the Young Released: October 2000

Bote Des Zorns 7" (European only) Vendetta Released: February 2001

Lude Boy 7" Sound Virus/Hand Held Heart Released: September 2001

A View from High Tides CD/LP Troubleman Unlimited Released: October 2002

Racebannon/S.O.Z. split CD/12" Backroad Records/Level Plane Released: October 2002