Dear Diary was a five piece post hardcore band from Sarasota, FL and was active from February of 2001 until August of 2001.

Members included David Jacco - Guitar/Bass/Vocals | Joey Jacco - Guitar/Bass | Evan O'Hara - Vocals | Robby Racliffe - Vocals | Chad Crews - Drums.

The band started in February of 2001 with David, Evan and Chad. Joey, David's brother, joined the band in March 2001, a week before their first show. Robby joined the band a couple months later.

The line up of all above excluding Robby recorded and self released a self-titled 7 song CD. There were only 20 copies produced of these recordings. 5 more songs were written but were never recorded.

Similar artists include Saetia, Twelve Hour Turn, Early Grace, Cap'n Jazz, early Piebald, Insidious, The Red Scare, Transistor Indiana.

Dear Diary performed with Hero of a Hundred Fights, and sometimes I..., Dynamosaurus Rex, A New Kind of American Saint, Jiyuna, A Days Refrain, Song of Zarathustra, From Autumn to Ashes and Racebannon.

Dear Diary parted ways when drummer Chad decided to move to Boca Raton, FL. He later decided not to move and still resides in Sarasota, FL.

Members of Dear Diary have been part of The Match, Scorpion Blast and(The) The Le Coq Sportif.