Looks like a slow day on Everything Diary today. So I managed to get time to update Nokia 7110, and will tell more about my new toy, Nokia 9110 when I actually managed to get my lump of contacts in Nokia 7110 (about 200 odd contacts, about 300 odd numbers or so) into that 9110.

In the process, I've been playing with that cool Logomanager software for Nokia phones, that allows putting in customised logos on the Nokia 7110. Now that 7110 has a great customized operator logo with my name on it, I'm going to loath swapping it for the Nokia 9110.

I've added new wu to IMEI. Oh, I've also updated my old wu on When I realized I spend too much time on E2, when a number of additional wu to it was cooled just now. And N-Wing did prompt it too. ;-}