Today I'm very sad to find that an e2 editor had zapped one of my latest E2 Suggestions/Wishes nodes, something about bookmarks by creation dates.

For some time it has been my practice to create a suggestion/wish node detailing in full my suggestions, normally about a screen or more in length. Then, I would hard link that E2 Suggestions/Wishes node into my writeup in that enormous Suggestions for E2. I believe that is eminently sensible way of doing things. Wouldn't you agree, dannye?

Update October 26, 2000. I must have been too sad to remember that node heaven stores all users writeup that have been deleted.


Today is also my younger daughter, Fadhleen's third birthday. She was very excited all day, especially when all 15 (almost) of her cousins came over for the small party.

Something to cheer myself

I went to the Megamall and got myself the weeks copy of The Edge as well as November's copy of Wired. That should cheer me for a few hours. ;-}