Today after a long while, more than 5 months, I was prompted to visit E2 by a posting in ODP internal forum. Anyway, here are some of the things I did and noticed:
  • went through all the /msgs and followed up on the request for all the changes to my old nodes
  • sadly most of the messages were from klaproth, did go visit node heaven just to see what I didn't write that caused them to be disposed, many are just too brief
  • happily see that many of the klaproth messages are no long anonymous, I could have asked sid why, if I needed to
  • see that the writeup headers have now loads more information, how long since the writer was here, that's neat
  • noticed ariels liked one of my writeups, read her rant, do empathize

Till next time and when we'll meet again, BFN.

2002.12.25 at 02:36 jasonm says re December 16, 2002: typo: "emphatize" is empathize. done September 13, 2003