My wife took my name, and when I asked her whether or not she wanted to (I was open to her not changing her name), she wholeheartedly WANTED to change her name. In fact, she considered it a wonderful and perfect thing: She hated her name. Her last name caused jokes to made about her in school all the time she was growing up. (Ditsch.) What I think is odd is that her family is very matrilineal. They have reunions of all the family connected by the great-grandmother. It's just that they may all have different names, they're all still Hollidays, or go one step back -- they're all still Forbes women. So, the name may change, but the connection from the mother can still exist.

However, we weren't married when we had my daughter, so my daughter still has my wife's maiden name. And she is starting to get teased about that name. Never mind the fact that people can accept that a mother might have a different last name than a child, if the father has a different last name, then obviously the child is not his. (Whatever.)

So, when we get over our case of terminal laziness, we'll change my daughter's name to mine. (Which is, for the most part, a nice and boring English name, with a meaning that people can understand, etc.)

What I think is odd, that I guess my wife hasn't realized is that people used to make fun of my name. (Name is "Chapman" -- I got called chapstick. Never mind that I was "Dan ChapMan" ... Gah. Go fig. Kids are fun.)