Once again, a small banter about XP. My complaint of the day is Even Unto Death.

Before I even finished completing the softlinks for this node, it had been voted down. I'm an avid fan of the story of Legend of the Five Rings... I devour the stories. And it took me longer to read that story than the time it took for someone to downvote it.

It's a work of fiction, and thus, it needs to really be read in order to determine "worthiness to include in the database." It's from a shared fiction, which unless you know about the world, you cannot downvote it based on accuracy. It's actually news because I added the writeup minutes after Rich Wulf posted it to public FOR THE FIRST TIME. So, I really want to know why it got downvoted.

I actually have my answer, and that is someone is systematically downvoting everything in relation to L5R. Despite me putting that it relates to L5R in bold face before every post. I cover permission (It is granted by the author), attribute the things, designate the context, EVERYTHING. So, rather than just downvote me, man, drop me a /msg. Tell me what you'd like me to do. I'd love to improve the quality of my writeups, but I do not intend to stop noding Rokugan related topics. I actually find this stuff useful because when I follow a link to a nodeshell (which I intend to fill) I start seeing little connections between the stories. And that actually is an amazing thing that e2 provides for me.

So, if you're one of my mysterious downvoter and read this (rather than just see the name at the top of the post and downvote it), please, feel free to /msg.