I don't write daylogs. With that out of the way, I'll now write one.

Today, I had a rash of downvoting on specific nodes relating to Legend of the Five Rings. Wonderful card game with a fictional universe definitely worthy of noding. Is that my opinion? Yes, it is. But, it's one shared by a few other users around here, because I've shared space with at least three other noders. And a few of my L5R nodes have been cooled by yet OTHER people.

So, I posted a little rant "Please downvote this instead" saying, "Here's some other nodes that I'd prefer you to downvote if you're downvoting me" and "If you're downvoting L5R, please don't. I don't read about drug culture, but I'm not going out of my way to downvote it out of existence." I have faith in the people in charge of this system -- I don't think that they'll nuke one of my L5R clan letters (or other fiction nodes) just because it hits -10 ... So, it's not really serving a purpose to downvote this little pets of mine.

In the end, there'll be about 80 of them or so. Crosslinked. Characters eventually will get nodes. When all this happens, I'll proudly point it out to John Wick, Ree Soesbee, Rich Wulf, and Andy Heckt... I'll tell them, "Please, correct where I'm wrong, but I feel that this is a wonderful way to tell people that The Grey Crane is actually Kakita Toshimoko, Toturi the Black is another name for Akodo Toturi, etc." The nature of e2 is such that it allows a newbie to meander through the L5R world and learn as soon as he's curious one of these little trivial facts. It makes reading the clan letters so much easier. I find that going back through the clan letters now, I'm still learning bits of trivia. "Oh my! I didn't know that Toturi didn't learn that until the Day of Thunder. That puts a whole new perspective on the story."

RPG, CCG, and other progressive fictions are a wonderful passion of mine. It brings out the archivist tendency in me. I delve into the story, I learn trivia, and I piece together the "backstory" that they don't spell out for you. And I can tell that story back to other gamers who are also into the game, for hours. Literally. I can tell you the story of the Day of Thunder... I may not be as good as John Wick when I tell it, but I can get the facts mostly right. And E2 allows me to get the facts completely right, when I make up a node, crosslink, and enter it. And I am going to continue to do it until someone who is *in charge* tells me to stop. And I really doubt that they will... I would lose faith in them if they said, "I'm sorry, but your fiction is less important than mine." (Heh. I wouldn't mind if they told me that they wrote better than John Wick, I may be a Wick fanboy to an extent, but I'm a realist -- his specialty was in telling the stories orally, not in making sure that they were all consistant.) So, I'm sorry... I don't write daylogs. I write long rants. My last rant was recommended as a daylog *or* as my homenode. And while I do feel strongly about this, I'd prefer that this not be a person's first impression of my personality. So, daylog it is.

There's no sense in downvoting a daylog, especially a daylog about downvoting. Since I wrote this, I've deleted the L5R writeups as much as I feel like it. I've also pretty much abandoned Everything2. It just felt easier to write such things on a blog. The unfortunate thing was that the indexing of E2 was somewhat handy, but I will probably find something similar which I can control utterly.