Greg Stafford is the game designer who founded Chaosium in 1974, and now heads up the company Issaries Inc (founded in 1997), which continues to publish materials for RuneQuest. His most famous creations are RuneQuest (and the world of Glorantha) and King Arthur: Pendragon. He was born in 1948, is married to Suzanne Courteau, and has three children: Noah, Alisha, and Jason.

His first game was a board game named White Bear & Red Moon which was the first game published by Chaosium. It had a turnover of $1.5 million USD, which enabled him to start publishing more games. However, Greg Stafford went bankrupt afterwards twice, divorced his first wife, became addicted to heroin, and then rediscovered himself in Native American Shamanism. It was from his visions, and his self-made mythologies, that he created the world of Glorantha.

Despite the fact that most fans remember Greg for his work on RuneQuest, in many interviews he holds Pendragon up to be his masterpiece. Many other game designers pay him homage. In fact, John Wick modeled the character of Kakita Toshimoko after Stafford. (Take it from me, Kakita Toshimoko is a flattering portrayal of anyone.)