Speaking from a past college experience with HPV, doing this at home is a terrible horrible idea. I had the removal cryogenically done by a professional... Not a doctor, because us college students going to the college health clinic (Olin Health Center was nicknamed Olin Death Center -- of course) don't rate doctors, but by a nurse. She made me sign a waiver basically saying that if anything should happen, up to and including my penis falling off, it was not their responsibilities. Things like complete loss of feeling, constant bleeding, etc.

After a nice, concentrated cyrogenic treatment, it hurt for a week. Afterwards, the warts came back. I was having protected, monagomous sex with my partner (who also had HPV), so it was most likely the initial case coming back again to haunt me. My partner (who is now my wife) also had treatments.

I still fear these things returning... But, I know that merely treating the external portion isn't going to cure you... And if I want to have a portion of my body frozen (or in the original noder's case, lopped off) I want someone with more experience ... Or at least a better VANTAGE POINT. I have the feeling that the original noder is most likely pulling our leg, but I've done similarily stupid and overly macho "home surgeries" before, so there is a definite possibility that this guy has gone to the ultimate level. Utterly frightening.