Apparently, some people think that rape is only penetration of a female by a male (or in some instances reported, penetration of a male by another male).

What I would like to know is, if I penetrated someone with a Coke bottle, would that be rape? (I had a "friend" who did this to a girl -- it became my mission to ruin this friend's life, since the girl was a real friend of mine.) How about forcing oral sex on someone who has no interest in it? Or how about just undressing someone and grabbing their genitals?

I mean, perhaps we should just redefine the world: sexual assault. When you are forced, against your will, to participate in some sort of activity (for sexual purposes) through the threat of violence, or some other form of force, you have had a wrong done to you. This by no means the definition, but it serves my point.

So, can a male be raped? Sure. A woman could take advantage of his weakness (and there are plenty of women stronger than I am) hold him down and do any number of things with him.

The key of it all is NOT the sex act. Rape is a form of violence involving a sexual act. And while society forces raped women to feel shame, it can force a raped man to feel emasculated.

Oh, and for my screwed up story of the day: My ex-girlfriend's newphew had statutory rape charges pressed against him. He was 17, the girl was 16. The girl was not taking no for an answer. He spent at least a year in juvenile hall, as he hadn't been released when my ex- and I parted ways.