Freakiest Dream (?) I have ever had.

This has happened to me while taking a nap between school and work. I was sleeping on my back, my arms above my head, behind my pillow. I was in between dreams; my arms have fallen asleep and required my attention. My brain has pulled me from my deep slumber, and told me about the problem, by letting me know of the tingling feeing in my arms. I was in the process of taking care of it. The initial feeling that I received was like that of an electric shock. Like being grounded after accumulating charge from a Van de Graff generator, by touching a water faucet. It was as if I was moving my arms, and they fell sort of into a 3-dimentional mold, out of which there was no way out. It felt as if someone had turned on the current, which I felt, thusly actuating the mold.

After an attempt to move my arms, I noticed that the rest of my body was in this peculiar state as well. At first, the feeling was not all that alien. I have felt similarly before, when I am just waking up, it takes a certain amount of will to move any part of my body. Only this time, the regular amount of will was not enough. Something wasn’t right. After straining for some time I have became frightened, I couldn’t move!

I was straining with my mind to move any part of my body, but all my efforts went unnoticed, I couldn’t move anything! The only thing I could do is breathe, thank God! This had lasted for about 5 minutes. By this point in time I was beginning to get really scared. After a number of failed attempts to move, I noticed slight movement in my toes, I concentrated on that, and just as suddenly as I have become paralyzed, I regained all control of my limbs, and I sat straight up. This has been the most peculiar dream, I have ever had. Or maybe it wasn’t a dream at all? My explanation is that a part of my brain that responsible for keeping me unconscious while asleep got thrown out of the loop, and I was awake while sleeping.

Has this ever happened to anybody before? Maybe you have a clearer explanation of this occurrence? I sure would like to hear it, I’m still afraid to go to sleep without someone waking me up.

I have recieved numerous replies, and after doing a little research, this experience is actually a documented thing. See hypnagogic hallucination,hypnagogic state,sleep paralysis. Weird...