One day, while noding, I innocently clicked on a link to a node.

After it loaded, I started reading it. "proof of Fermat's Last theorem," I thought to myself. "How interesting."

Little did I know what would confront me.

Massive blocks of text!

It was horrible! They loomed over me like monoliths, speaking amongst themselves like evil whales. Blocking out the sun, casting shadows like precarious skyscrapers, they debated my fate.

After what seemed like an eternity, I heard the mechanical clicking of relays and servos. It was the EDB!

I cowered in a ditch while the massive blocks of text and the EDB stared at each other. I gibbered like a monkey. The dark forces between them were almost tangible. Plants withered from the unnatural forces released.

Then, with a glerp and a spray of acid, the EDB devoured them, leaving bits of words and stray brackets lying in forlorn heaps on the landscape...