Interesting in that, despite the fact that they were beta testers for Lightwave (I think), a very powerful modelling package, the majority of their scenes occur in the equivalent of cardboard cutout sets. In one memorable scene, their most complex item was a christmas tree.

Many running gags throughout their 10-15 at last count movies, such as Bob's hatred of QWERTY's song. Also, many interesting characters, most notably the French Peas and the Peach. Some mysteries, such as Aunt Ruth's Beard.

Although the promos and the supermarket displays really turn me off, if you are looking for something religious to watch other than Jesus specials and those sunday school cartoons, these are well worth a look. Also a good watch for anyone studying 3d modelling, as Big Idea Productions does a really nice job with their models (or their lack thereof. I think they have a zen approach to modelling)