Prophecy is a touchy subject.

Why? Because people don't like it when you break the laws of physics. (Specifically, that events should occur in chronological order.)

It's interesting, though, the interplay of layers here.

We have the system of physics. On top of that, we have the system of proteins, DNA, and rhibosomes. On top of that, life. And somewhere, on top of that, brains. And somewhere, on top of that, thought and intelligence.

And somehow, between the bottom layer and the top layer, it becomes possible to "prophesy".

Of course, it may be possible to transfer data through time by diddling particles, in which case it makes more sense. But I tend to think that it takes something supernatural to break the laws of physics.

Being a Christian, I go with the idea that God has people prophesy to disclose His will ahead of time. Even so, I feel the upcoming comments have relevance, no matter one's take on the source of prophecy.

One of the biggest themes in the Bible is that "Actions speak louder than words."

This applies to Prophets as much as it applies to Christians, Librarians, and Nazis.

If they say they are, but their actions don't support it, then they aren't.

This is a useful Axiom.

So, to go over the examples: