Great program for downloading anything you want, but the program has a difficult system for resuming downloads when the person on the other end goes offline. Kazaa can do this rather well. Try getting online around 7:00 am EST and connecting to anyone T3. Many will connect at over 100k/s.

Side Note: Because information should be free, here is how to get in any hub no matter what the limit is.

  • Share something multiple times. When choosing the directories you wish to share just choose the main dir and then each sub dir. This will greatly increase your total.
  • 2. Look like a king, but share nothing. Share that 40 gig MP3 directory and then rename the folder after direct connect does it's scan. Now when someone connects they get nothing, but you show as if you are sharing the whole enchilada.

Just keep in mind that these are unethical things to do, there is no reason why you can't spare the upload speed anyway.

I would turn everyone in that I saw do this, but it seems like you have to speak Swedish to do that most of the time!

For those of you with a firewall or router: All you can do is connect to those in the same hub, the hub links don't work!