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I'm however old it is today since august 20th 1986. I'm infallible. I'm from a single parent family. I'm lonely. I'm male. You probably wouldn't enjoy my company, but that's because I'd make it my business for you not to. I dream about alot of things like fucking your sister in the shower. I listen to too much Matt Good and I write about other's egocentric predicaments. I have a inferiority complex because I'm short. I can leg press 5x my own body weight. I once had sex on a red velvet couch and then I had sex on her bed and on her sofa and on her futon. I thought I loved her. I am clinically depressed and I take fluvoxamine and welbutrin. I sometimes bleed to know I'm alive and it doesn't make me Worry. I'm a hopeless romantic and I might love you one day. I beleive time is relative and I'm an avid fan of cyberpunk. I'm whitehat and an information extradition specialist. I like to fuck with wetware and masturbate because it makes me feel so empty.