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i hate using upercase letters: too many people are way too hung up on the need to use an uppercase "I" in reference to one's self -- my professors fall into this category often -- and while i understand it, i think it inhibits my ability to write quicItype exceptionally fast though, but i think reaching over with my non-athletic pinky-fingers slows down the physical typing -- which i like to sum up with the metaphor of driving a car and using your turn signals, which you can do, and some could say you should, but one could venture to interject that the mental mechanics that it takes to stimulate the neurons as well as the muscles it takes to physically move the signalling arm up or down to indicate the turn could more productively be put to crafting some sort of radically new critical theory, one that needs every free neuron, potentially including those that might be busy with minor tasks like pointlessly toggling a signalling arm up or down, therefore, by not capitalizing my letters, i am one step closer to freeing myself from the chains if you will of the mass; though, i do understand the need to capitalize: i try to only do it when absolutely necessary, due in course when i need to emphasize things to such an extent, that the only proper way to convey tone is through the capitalization of letters that correlate to the needed tonal punctuation. Also, i like sashimi.